Shugborough Firework Festival 2002

Chris Thompson 2002


Photographs of the fireworks setup before the show. Views of Shugborough and a few shots showing the view from the front!!

Chris Thompson 2002

Opening Display

The pre-display opening multi-media sequence with lazers, lightshow and fireworks. Good view of the crowd and the darkening sky.


Chris Thompson 2002

Pyro 2000

The first display team were Pyro 2000 from West Yorkshire. Display fired to "The Conquest of Paradise" (Vangelis); Milford (Piaf) and the "Can-Can" (Offenbach). The Vangelis track is one of my personal favourites. You can visit the Pyro 2000 website here.


Chris Thompson 2002

Dynamic Fireworks

Next up were Dynamic Fireworks from Essex with a display set to several james Bond themes (the inset image was from the "Goldeneye" segment). You can visit their website here.

Chris Thompson 2002

Allstar Fireworks

Allstar Fireworks from Middlesex fired this display to an interesting mix of contemporary and classical music: "The Nutcracker"; "Castles in The Sky"; "Blue Planet Theme"; "Shrek Theme" and "Beethovens 9th Symphony".

Chris Thompson 2002

Jubilee Fireworks

The final display of the evening was fired by the events organisers to another batch of popular theme tunes: "Phantom of the Opera"; "Apollo 13"; "Last of the Mohicans"; "Jurassic Park"; "ET" and "Lost in Space". You can visit their website here.


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